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12 Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat At Home

Are you want to do Workouts to Lose Belly Fat At Home? Stop I have something for you. An increase in waistline within the body can be a source of discomfort for many of us because a bulging belly can make them appear unattractive. The increase in the belly’s size is caused by fat accumulation in the belly area. To eliminate the excess abdominal fat, a strict diet plan and exercise are essential.

Specific exercises are designed to decrease the size of your belly fat. This article will look at the various exercises you can do to reduce belly fat. Additionally, we will learn how these Workouts to Lose Belly Fat At Home and tone abdominal muscles, making you look attractive and fit.

workouts to loose belly fat at home exercises

1. Russian Twists Workout to Lose Belly Fat:

This is among the most basic exercises you can do, and you’ll notice the burn of fat in your abdominal region after a few repetitions. This is very important workout to Lose Belly Fat. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to carry weights on your hands.

How To Do:

You can sit on a mat and place your legs on the ground. Flex your knees and place your feet onto the ground. Intensify your abs by keeping your butt close to the floor. Slowly tilt back until you’re 45 degrees to the ground.

Now, put your hands towards your body in an upright line. Then slowly turn your body towards one side, spreading the weight on one side of your body. Return to the opposite part of the body. The ankles should be crossed if you find yourself losing your balance.

You should be able to twist quickly, front and back. If you are able, keep your legs at 45 degrees. Make sure to continue for at least a minute before stopping. Repeat this workout to lose belly Fat 5-6 times to see if you can get the desired results.


workouts  to loose belly fat fast

2. Upward Plank workout Exercise:

This Workouts to Lose Belly Fat is the same as the normal planks, except that the front portion of the exercise does not lie on the ground like is the case with the standard plank position. In yoga, this practice is known as Purvottanasana. This Workout to Lose Belly Fat can help strengthen the abdominal muscles by burning the fat within that area. It is among the best workout to lose the belly fat in your upper abdomen.

How To Do:

At first, lie on the floor with your legs extended and then place your arms straight with hands placed on your floor. Relax your ab muscles, and gradually lift your body as if you are being pulled by the tied cord that is wrapped around your waist. Utilize your palms to lift your body, then use your feet to extend upwards as far as you can.

Maintain this position for a minimum of 30 seconds before returning to the floor. Repeat the workout to lose Belly fat 15 to 20 times to complete one set.

home workouts exercises to loose belly fat at home

3. Side Planks workout Exercise:

This workout to lose belly Fat is among the exercises that put stress on the body’s abdominal region. This decreases belly fat—the exercise aids in strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles by burning the fat stored in excess.

How To Do:

Begin by lying down on the other side of your body with your arms out. Next, bend your knees and lay your legs on top of each other at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Place your entire body weight on your forearm, which rests upon the floor. Utilize abdominal muscles pull yourself into a plank that is angled to the side.

Slowly lift the other arm towards the sky. Hold the position for as long time as you are able. Slowly return to the original position. Repeat this 10-12 times in one set.

workouts to Loose belly fat at home

4. Boat Pose workout Exercise :

In yoga, this practice is known as Navasana. Nava means boat, and asana is the posture. The body is positioned in a V-shaped shape while balancing completely with the hips in this posture. The legs are raised to 45 degrees while keeping the arms are parallel to the ground. When legs are lifted, abdominal muscles are brought into the action and are strengthened by burning belly fat.

How To Do:

First, lie down on a mat, then shift your feet to the floor. Be sure both feet are near each other. Slowly raise both legs until they are 45 degrees or in the amount you can by balancing the entire body on the buttocks.

Then, extend your arms to the ground, bringing them to your knees, and remain in this position for 45 minutes before slowly coming back to normal. Repeat 10-12 times to complete one set.

best workouts exercise to loose belly fat at home

5. Twist Crunches workout to lose Belly Fat:

This workout to lose belly fat at home is similar to bicycle crunches, but it is performed with the lower part of the body, i.e. the legs do not move. Only one arm of the body’s upper part is elevated and bent in this workout Exercise to lose belly fat. The abdominal muscles tighten, thus burning off the abdominal fat located in the upper part of the belly.

How To Do:

Place your mat with your back to the mat, bend your knees and put your hands behind the head. Make sure your feet are on the floor.

Take one end of your body and twist it over to the opposite side. Lower your back until you are on the floor. Repeat the process with the other side of your body. Repeat this twenty to 25 times on each side.

important workouts to loose belly fat at home

6. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) Exercise:

Surya Namaskar is one of the most popular and effective workout to lose belly fat that aid in reducing belly fat in the upper part of the abdomen. The yoga posture aids in the management of blood pressure. The stretching performed during this Workouts to Lose Belly Fat burns off the extra fat located in the abdominal area.

How To Do:

Sit on the mat while keeping your feet together. Then, expand your shoulders and stretch the chest. Inhale deeply and raise both arms away from your sides. Then, when you exhale, you should join both palms on the chest.

Inhale, lift your arms upwards and backward in this position, attempting to stretch your body as far as possible. After that, take a breath and then bend forward by rubbing the feet by using your hands. Make sure that your knees aren’t bent.

Inhale and then put the left leg in the back, pressing your knee with the ground. Then raise your body. Make sure the right leg is placed between your hands. Now take an inhale, place the right leg next to the left one, and place the arms parallel to the floor. Be sure to ensure that your body is straight.

Then slowly move your body forward without lifting the legs and hands. Your chest needs to be placed in between your arms. Then stretch the body as high as you can. Then slowly shift your body backward, avoiding the legs and hands to ensure that the back part stretches the back of the body.

Return to standing with feet and hands at the same level and knees not bent. Return to the prayer posture and repeat the process for the other leg. Repeat this pose five times to be effective.

how to workout to loose belly fat at home

7. Abdominal Plank workout to lose Belly fat:

Abdominal plank exercises are considered one of the most effective workout to lose belly fat. It is practiced widely at every gym and exercise session. This Workouts to Lose Belly Fat is immensely helpful for toning your abdominal muscles. As you work out, you will feel the burning sensation in the abdominal area.

How To Do:

In the beginning, lay down on a mat to your stomach. Then, place your forearms on the floor, and the palms and wrists in the perpendicular pose with shoulders. Then slowly apply pressure to your forearms. Then raise the body to above the floor with the aid of your toes.

Keep this posture for 45 seconds before returning to your original position. Repetition the procedure three times to ensure efficiency.

workouts exercises to lose belly fat

8. Bicycle Crunches Workout Exercise:

Bicycle crunches may not be the most simple workout to lose the belly fat at home as that of the other. This Workout to Lose Belly Fat helps reduce the upper stomach fat and the abdominal fat in the lower part of yours. The cycling exercise, together with the alternate swing of the upper body, assists in making sure belly fat gets burned off.

How To Do:

Lay down on a mat in a straight posture. Your head should be lifted, then bend both arms, put them on the rear of your head and secure your fingers. Lift both legs, then bend the knees and bring them closer to the stomach.

Then move the right-hand side of your body and bend your left leg close to one another by swinging your body. Then repeat the workout to lose belly fat using both sides of your body and the bent right leg. The pressure should be felt on the tummy of your upper. Repeat this 20 times on each leg and three times per day.

workouts to lose belly fat exercise

9. Side Bend With Dumbbells Exercise:

The side bend workout to lose belly fat in the upper part of your body and strengthen your waistline and abdominal muscles.

How To Do:

Get on the ground with your feet separated and hold the weights with both hands. The left side should be bent as far as possible until you feel the strain on your right side. Keep the bent position for 30 seconds.

Make sure that your shoulders, as well as your back and legs, are all straight. Reverse to the original position and repeat with the opposite side. Repeat the workout to lose belly fat 20 times on both sides to get the desired results.

workouts to lose belly fat

10. Lunge with Twists Workout to lose Belly Fat:

This workout to lose belly fat easily by putting tension upon the abdomen muscles.

How To Do:

At first, sit on both feet and then place your left foot in front and bend it at your knees. You will feel the stretch in the hamstring of your right leg.

Take a ball that is light-weighted in your hands, and then lift it to the level of the floor so that it’s directly in front of you. Do a full-on plunge using the left leg and lie down in an armchair, and the left leg must be placed in a reverse position and utilize your feet to support the leg.

After that, you can swing your waist and then place both hands, with the ball, on the left and notice the stretching on your upper belly. Reverse to the initial position, and repeat the exercise on the opposite leg. Repeat this workout to lose belly fat minimum of 15 times on both legs.

Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

11. Ardha Matsyendrasana Posture Exercise:

This posture enhances the elasticity of your spine and helps relieve back discomfort. This workout to lose belly fat by putting stress on your abdominal muscles.

How To Do:

Place your feet on the mat, keep your legs straight. Then bend the right leg, then place your foot on the ground over your left knee. Fold the leg on its left side over with a knee to touch the ground. Put it on top of the right buttock.

Put the left hand on the right leg and take the large toe on the right foot. Relax and then turn your body as much as you can and turn the neck to see your right shoulder. Circle the waist with the right hand inwards.

Relax for 10 seconds, return to a normal position and repeat the same procedure on the other side. Repeat this five times to ensure getting the desired outcomes.

Workouts to Lose Belly Fat at home

12. Tiger Pose Workouts to Lose Belly Fat:

This posture stretches the lower back and spinal muscle and burns fat of the upper belly.

How To Do:

At first, place both of your hands and knees on the ground, with your fingers placed on your floor. Lift the right leg, holding straight in the air. At simultaneously, raise the left hand and stretch it forward without bending your elbow so that you feel the pressure felt on the stomach.

Keep this pose for five minutes and then return to the original posture. Repeat the workouts to lose belly fat at home with the hand and leg on the opposite side. Do this ten times on both sides.


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