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3 Ways to Be Determined and Achieve Your Goals

You’ve decided to set and Be Determined and Achieve Your Goals for yourself. You’re enthusiastic, inspired and determined to reach the next level of achievement. Things are going well, and you’re making significant progress. And then, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, you realize that you’ve found yourself stuck, stuck, or even stopped.

You’re shocked to realize that just a moment before this, you were on fire and destroying it, but you’re now no closer to the results you’d like. You’ve been to “the wall.”

How do you remain focused when you’ve hit a mental wall?

It’s normal to feel great when starting a new project or target. When we first start, we believe that we have the motivation and drive to achieve or achieve something we’d like and forget all our worries. Willpower is the thing that most people depend upon to begin.

But, it’s not enough. It’s a limited resource and cannot keep up the work required to get there when obstacles stand in the way. It is imperative to have a more effective approach.

Three keys to keeping yourself motivated and focused whatever the situation you do, to make sure you are using your time effectively: set S.M.A.R.T. goals, define your tour “Why”, and set your timetable.

1- Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals to Be Determined and Achieve Your Goals

If you want to be determined and achieve your goals then this technique will help you most . Your “GPS S.M.A.R.T. Objectives” are specific goals intended to help you move towards the overall achievement. It is important to ensure that the goal you set is set correctly for success.

Spend the time to create goals in writing and then write them on paper. It’s the initial step to be certain you have the best likelihood of success. It’s similar to putting the correct address in your GPS.

S.M.A.R.T. goals should be specific achievable, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and time-focused.

Be Specific to be determined and achieve your goals:

Be determined and achieve your goals with the most precise information you can. The text should be written with clarity, precision and preciseness by using the five W’s







Set up specific guidelines to be determined and achieve your goals so that you can keep track of your progress and stay engaged.

What is the best way to measure my progress?

What can I do to tell when my goal has been attained?

How much?

How many?

By answering these questions, you will be able to provide you with information about how you can measure your progress and ensure that you’re always making progress, such as income or hours saved, etc.


Be sure your goals are achievable and realistic. It should challenge your limits and challenge you to the limit yet still be achievable. What appropriate and inspiring actions must I undertake to achieve my goals?

What can you do to be determined and achieve your goals ?


Pick a goal for which you’re willing to invest the necessary time and effort. Additionally, the goal must be important to you and/or the entire group.

Does it relate to my general short-term and long-term goals?

Will this endeavor create a positive impact on me or anyone else?

Does this align to the “why” or purpose and my core values?


Set up and trackable tasks and timetables. This motivates you to be determined and achieve your goals and keeps you accountable while helping to keep you focused. Additionally, you must establish a timeframe to be determined and achieve your goals.

When will this goal be accomplished?

Am I willing to commit to spending my time?

Utilize these questions to ensure that any target you set is a sensible goal.

be determind and achieve your goals

2-  Your “Why”

This technique will help you most to be determined and achieve your goals. The greater the “why”, the easier the “how.” –Jim Rohn

My clients come to me when they’re frustrated, stuck or struggling to live the life they’d like and when they’re looking to make progress faster or achieve more consistent results than what they’re currently getting, regardless of whether it’s their professional or personal lives.

I ask every client the initial questions: “What are you committed to having?”

This could refer to anything from their personal goals, business objectives, or personal goals. The majority of people have a clear idea of the goal that they are aiming for, like “building my business,” “having a better relationship with my spouse,” or “being healthy and fit.”

The most important question is the next. Then I’ll ask the easy question, “Why do you want that?”

The most common is a broad surface response that lacks any deep personal connection with their primary motivation or purpose. It’s been programmed for so long that it doesn’t provide a current or relevant emotional connection. The gap between their apparent answer and their main motive is the major reason why people are stuck, stop and struggle or fail to maintain the sameness and enthusiasm. 

Simon Sinek, one of the most influential thinkers on this subject Simon Sinek, one of the most renowned thinkers, explains the book” Start with Why: How Great Leaders Motivate everyone to take action, that “everyone knows how they perform 100% often. They know the way they accomplish it. Only a few people from companies, around the globe and even in their own private lives understand the reason behind their work.”

Understanding “why” is “the purpose or cause–the single driving motivation for action.” Understanding your personal “why” is the key to connecting to the deeper neural centers of motivation that drive actions. It is your “why” that gets you to be connected to your goal. This “why” will help you be determined and achieve your goals, which keeps you focused.

3-  Schedule Everything to Be Determined and Achieve Your Goals

Once you’ve set your SMART goals and figured out your “why,” it’s time to plan what you’ll have to do to reach these goals, it’s easy by making sure to write your goals in your schedule.

Your calendar is where you’re making your most important investment, time, to the most important tasks. If your priorities aren’t in your calendar at the proper time set for them, there’s the chance that in this 24/7, hyper-focused world, they will never happen.

Your daily plan should be written to be determined and achieve your goals out as an image of what you’ve decided to do at any given time that will guide the goals you have set for the day. It reflects what is crucial in your personal life and your business.

There’s an old proverb about productivity that I follow: “If it’s not on the calendar, it didn’t happen.” Keep this mentality and plan everything important. Scheduling is the most effective way to unleash your potential and motivation, as well as remain focused. I wish these techniques will help you to be determined and achieve your goals.

Asad Rafique
Asad Rafique
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