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7 Best Ways to Find Your Lost Android Phone in 2022

If you believe your Android device has been stolen or lost then don’t worry Google offers an app and a website named Find My Device, through which you can find your lost Android phone, lock it and wipe all your data. Samsung phones come with an additional feature known as Find My Mobile, which lets you locate the device that has gone missing. Let’s take a look at both options.

1. Google’s Find My Device will Find Your Lost Android Phone

Google’s Find My Device service is available on Android and as a separate web page. Both work similarly to each other. If you’re already logged into the Google account, you’ll Find Your Lost Android Phone a map with your devices that are registered.

You can use a sound to send a message to your phone, lock the device, display an alert on the screen, or erase all your personal information. This Google webpage is an excellent resource if you want to locate your phone’s location, lock or wipe the data on your Android phone.

2. Ping Your Android Device

If your device is nearby, play Play Sound to ping the tablet or phone. Follow the sound and  Find Your Lost Android Phone  if it leads directly to the gadget. Even if your device is not within your reach, the sound could alert an alert Samaritan who will take it in and protect it for you. After that, press the stop sound button.

3. Secure Your Android Device 

If you’re unable to locate the device or aren’t near, You can lock it off, so nobody has access to it. It is also possible to add an email address and phone number to anyone who finds it, so they can get in touch with you. Tap Secure device. Write a message that will be displayed on the screen of the lock.

You can also add a number. Tap Secure Device to finalize and secure the phone. The missing phone is locked, with your phone number and message being displayed. By Using this option you can Find Your Lost Android Phone.

4. Wipe Your Android Device to Find Your Lost Android Phone

Wipe your Android Device will help you to find Find Your Lost Android Phone. If the device was taken or remains missing, It is possible to clean it as the last option. Click Erase Device, and then tap it once more to complete.

Be sure to read the instructions on what will take place on your phone since there’s no way to go back. You might be asked to check your Google Account. Follow the link for Security Checkup and go through the security steps. If you are not sure about erasing your device, press Dismiss.

5. Samsung’s Find My Mobile

If you own a Samsung phone and want to find the device that has been lost, use an exclusive feature known as Find My Mobile. To enable this feature on your Samsung device:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Select the Security setting or Biometrics and security and then select the setting to Find My Mobile.
  3. On the Find My Mobile screen, make a note of the web address that you’d utilize to locate the missing Samsung device.
  4. Check to see if the account you use for the Samsung account is registered.

Choose the option to enable Remote controls, allowing you to control your phone via your Samsung account through the website. You can enable the Google location service to give more precise information about the whereabouts of your smartphone. You can also activate advanced settings, such as Remote lock and Last location.

6. Locate Your Samsung Device

If your phone is lost When it is lost, visit Find My Mobile. Find My Mobile website on your device and log in to the Samsung account. The website should show the exact location of the Samsung phone on a map. There are also numerous controls to assist you in finding your lost device.

7. How to Find a Lost iPhone

If you’ve lost your iPhone, it’s possible to track it down with a range of other sources like the Apple Watch, an iPad, Mac, iCloud along with Apple Watch.

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