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10 most effective Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners

The most difficult thing to do when you are beginning to do weight lifting exercises is to decide what you want to do and organize your workout routine. If you read magazines or websites on the Internet, some people look huge and muscular who tell you how they train.

It’s unlikely that you’ll appear like them without many years of exercising. It’s not logical to start with the kind of workout the pros perform. It is better to start with smaller and progress towards these goals.

This weight lifting exercise will get you on the right track and assist you in reaching your goals. If you begin by doing more advanced exercises, you’ll likely become frustrated, and your plan for building muscle will be unsuccessful. Keep at it, and you’ll see outcomes. If you’re competent and your physician says that it’s okay, weightlifting could be a viable alternative for you.

To begin, you’ll need a gym membership or an area at home where you can do weight lifting exercises. Additionally, you’ll need basic equipment, for example, dumbbells, exercise bands, or both. Certain exercises work best when you use one or both. Also, you will require the pull-up bar or a similar one.

For dumbbells, purchase an assortment of 20 or 25 pounds for your first attempt. It’s best to be a little heavier so that you don’t get out of the weight in two weeks. If you’re planning to wear bands, make sure to look at Body lastic. They have the largest collection of bands I’ve found.

You should be doing a complete body workout three times a week, with a day off from weightlifting. The more you do, the better your body requires recovery after weight lifting exercise. You could also exercise on days that are not your normal.

In the following exercises, Perform three sets for each workout. You should do between eight and twelve reps per set. Once you can do 12 reps, increase the weight. These are combined weight lifting exercises that use more than one muscle group for each exercise which means you will get the most value for your money.

10 most effective Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners

1. Push-Ups is a useful weight lifting exercise

Make the push-ups in a controlled and slow manner. Take two seconds to lower your speed and then two seconds up. When you’re done, set one of the push-ups, place your back down on the floor and perform the press.

2. Chest Press exercise

The method of this weight lifting exercise is On your back, lying on the floor. Pick up the dumbbells and perform the press towards the ceiling. Slow and control and focus the chest muscle and what you’re doing. Do not rest for more than two minutes before performing the next set of chest presses.

3. Squats Exercise

Start by lifting nothing at first. Once you’re used to it, add dumbbells. Keep your back straight while you squat to relieve pressure from your knees.

4. Dead Lift Exercise

This weight lifting exercise starts by setting one of the squats directly to deadlifts using weight. Maintain control over your body, and do it slowly. Retry the second and third combo set after having rested for 2 minutes.

weight lifting exercises

5. Pull-Ups is an important weight lifting exercise

This is among the toughest weight lifting exercises for beginners. Perform as many of them as you can. If you require help with your workout, try bands or chairs to help you get up to the top, and then slowly let yourself fall and repeat. Start rowing immediately after the initial set.

6. Rows 

If you’re using dumbbells, perform bent-over rows. If you are using bands, perform the rows from a sitting in a seated position. Be careful and slow so that you can get the most from your efforts of weight lifting exercise.

7. Curls 

In this weight lifting exercise, we use bands or dumbbells and work slow. Make sure your elbows are against your sides and do not utilize momentum to aid with your curl. Once you’ve finished the set, you can go to the dips for your triceps straight away.

8. Dips 

The method to do this weight lifting exercises Perform the dips using the hands behind you on a bench or chair. Begin with your feet on the floor. As you become stronger, you can put your feet on a chair for added resistance.

10 most effective Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners

9. Shoulder Press Exercise

In this weight lifting exercise, It is possible to do these sitting or standing. Keep the dumbbells at shoulder height, and then raise them above your head. The same procedure applies if you are using bands.

10. Planks 

Make sure you are in a push-up posture on your elbows rather than your hands. Keep your body straight and hold your position for 30 seconds each repetition. Take a break for 15 seconds, then perform another repetition. Perform five reps, and you’re finished. If you are a beginner then these weight lifting exercises will help you to weight lifting.

Complete the workout during 12 weeks. Increasing the weight as you need to and keep it up to three times a week. You’ll notice some amazing changes after 12 weeks, and this will give you the motivation to keep working. Once you’ve reached that point, you’re ready to move to more advanced workouts. Do the workout, then let me know your thoughts. 


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