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12 Best Apple Watch Features You must Need to Know

The Apple Watch Features is your iPhone’s most trusted companion. It lets you control notifications, make calls, and even access certain apps without having to touch your iPhone. The fitness and health options can keep you fit. However, there’s beyond the Apple Watch than the Activity app, Notification Center, and watch faces.

In fact, you’re Apple Watch is filled with functions. If you’re a novice user, you may not know all of them. To make the most of the Apple Watch, check out our list of the most hidden Apple Watch features below.

1. Apple Watch Features: Use Dock as an App Launcher

The Dock is the Apple Watch’s most secretive feature displayed when you hit the side button. The name is confusing. The Dock’s default mode displays the most recent apps, which is similar to Apple’s App Switcher.

In everyday use, you may never make use of this feature. A great setting within the Watch application can turn the Dock into a handy launcher for apps.

Launch your Watch app, choose Dock, and switch between Favorites and Recents. Add a few of the apps you often use to the Favorites section below.

A typical Apple Watch user will switch between several apps such as Music, Workouts Podcasts, Messages, and Workouts. Then, you need to hit the Side button anywhere, browse through the list, and then tap on the app’s preview to start it.

2. Try Silent Mode

The appeal of the Apple Watch is how it allows you to disconnect the iPhone from an iPhone. It means that you don’t have to take out your iPhone each when you receive a text or call. Instead, keep your phone on silent for long durations of time.

But, by default, it is the default setting that Apple Watch makes a sound whenever you receive an alert. This can become annoying quickly, mainly since the watch’s Taptic engine is adequate. But it is possible to keep it at bay with just the tap of a button.

On the watch’s display, move your finger up and down to open your Control Center and tap the bell icon to enable Silent Mode. Then you’ll notice that your Apple Watch will gently tap your wrist whenever you receive a notification and will not illuminate the display until you pick off your wrist.

3. Apple Watch Features: Raise to Speak to Siri

Suppose you’re running the Apple Watch Series 3 running watch OS five or more significant; you don’t require to press the Digital Crown to speak to Siri. Move your wrist up and bring your Apple Watch close to your face, and then start talking to Siri. Siri will immediately begin recording and processing your commands.

Incredibly, that’s the most secure method to communicate with Siri via your Apple Watch Features. It’s much more reliable than using your finger on the Digital Crown.

4. Thoughtfully Manage Notifications

If you are a wearer of the Apple Watch Features all the time, you’ll need to go through the notifications you receive. If you don’t do this, wearing an Apple Watch will quickly become too much.

watchOS 5 offers you the option to deactivate notifications in notifications in the Notification Center. When you swipe left on a notification and tap the menu button, then choose to turn off notifications on the Apple Watch Features. You can also select the Deliver Quietly choice to turn off the vibration and sound feedback in the app’s notification.

However, the best way to accomplish this is using the Watch application on your smartphone. Click on Notifications and scroll towards Mirror iPhone Alerts from the section. From there, turn off the apps that you don’t want to receive notifications from around your wrist. Be sure to control the flow of your iOS notifications as well.

5. Customize Your Favorite Workouts

Once you’ve started working out regularly with the Workouts app, You’ll eventually want to personalize the workout screen. For instance, you could be interested in adding the current speed of the walking exercise.

Start your Watch app, go into Workouts, then Workout View, and select the exercise. Click Edit to add or remove and change the metrics to meet your requirements.

Apple Watch features faces

6. Manage Watch Faces

Three is the number that works for a manageable watch face. It is recommended to set up three different watch faces to suit various times of the day or moods. You can swipe horizontally from one end of the screen to the other to switch through the possible watch faces.

If you have more than enough watch faces available, you should delete them or change the faces. This can be done via the Watch in the Watch app. However, it’s much simpler to do this in The Watch app.

Please tap on the Edit button next to the My Faces section on The My Apple Watch Features tab. To erase a watch face, simply hit the red button and use the handle on the right side to arrange the faces. Simply tap it into the My Faces section for a customized watch face.

7. Apple Watch Features: Scribble to Reply to Texts

If you receive a notification via Your Apple Watch Features, tap on it and choose Reply for a swift response. There are various options available such as tapping the microphone button to record your response or selecting an emoji or canned reply.

However, one feature you’re not aware of is the Scribble tool. Press the A icon with your hand, and you’ll get the Scribble pad. Make letters here, and they’ll be displayed as text over.

It’s not possible to type lengthy emails like these. It’s ideal for writing one or two-word responses that aren’t included in canned responses.

8. Apple Watch Features: Use Theater Mode

The Apple Watch Features is known to blink at most inappropriate moments. When you’re playing games or in a movie theater, you shouldn’t allow the light on your Apple Watch to disturb you either visually or sound-wise.

When you are in these times, swipe upwards in on the Control Center and press the Theater Mode button. This will prevent your Watch from turning on unless you touch the screen or use the Digital Crown. It also allows Silent Mode to suppress audio alerts.

9. Customize Control Center

There’s an abundance of control options within the Control Center. Control Center. It’s good to know that watchOS 5 lets you modify the layout of the Control Center so you can put your most frequently used control options to the top.

Scroll towards the lower part in the Control Center and then tap on the edit button. Then you tap while holding the keys to arrange the buttons.

10. Access Notifications and Control Center From Anywhere

One of the most frustrating aspects of owning the Apple Watch Features was that you could only access Control Center or the Notification Center and Control Center through the watch’s face. Now, watchOS 5 lets you get notifications from anywhere within the display.

Hold and tap for a short time on either the bottom or top side of your screen until you see an overview. Then release. You’ll now be able to get notifications regardless of the application you’re using.

 Apple Watch features For Offline Listening

11. Sync Music to Your Apple Watch

If you take your Apple Watch Features with you on walks or runs, it is possible to put your iPhone in the car, especially when you’re wearing the mobile Apple Watch Features.

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can stream music directly from your Apple Watch Features through a wireless connection any time you’d like. However, this can be unreliable and significant battery consumption.

You can also transfer your most loved music or playlists that you are running to the Apple Watch for offline use. Launch the Watch app, select Music, and tap Add another. Choose a playlist or album and sync it on the Apple Watch. When you next start your Music program, you’ll be able to see the newly synced playlist or album on the list.

12. Apple Watch Features: Transfer a Call to iPhone

Answering calls quickly on your Apple Watch Features is quite handy. However, there are times when quick calls become long conversations, and you might need to change to an iPhone to get better clarity.

The ability to switch the calls on your Apple Watch Features and iPhone is effortless (if you’ve got the Handoff Apple Watch features turned on). When you’ve got a phone call taking place on the Apple Watch, pick up your phone, then tap the green button on the top. This will open the phone app and switch the call to your iPhone.

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