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Guide To Customize Windows 10 News & Interests Taskbar Feed

Customize Windows 10 News and Features feed for your taskbar is out this week due to Windows 10’s KB5001391. Much like the Microsoft News Bar app or Edge’s customized highlights and highlights, Customize Windows 10 the News and Interests feed shows the latest news headlines from more than 4,500 news sources as well as many different topics. However, unlike the other apps, it is different in that it’s a News and Interest widget built into the taskbar to allow you to access the news directly on your desktop without opening another application.

Customize Windows 10 News & Interests Taskbar Feed

Customize Windows 10 To view the News and Interests, click the weather info on the taskbar. This will expand the feed and view the most recent headlines. The feed is updated regularly, but you can also click on the Refresh icon to manually search for new headlines. When you click on a story, it opens the story in a brand New Edge tab.

Its News and Interests feed shows more than only news. However, it also shows interest. It is possible to Customize Windows 10 feed of the widget to include local forecasts for weather live traffic reports as well as stock market updates and much more. Select “Manage Interest” to select the sources and topics you wish to show, and click on the “…” link in the upper left to view the widget’s entire options menu.

There’s an additional “…” button beside each information card. Click it to save or share stories, or choose “More stories like this” or “Fewer stories like this” to tweak the recommendations of the widget. You can also include publicly-visible “Likes” and reactions to stories, much like Facebook.

If you do not want to make use of the feed-in any way, click on the News and Interests icon in the taskbar, and then move your cursor over the “News and interests” field for an option to switch it off.

The Windows 10 News and interest feeds will automatically appear following the installation of the update KB5001391. However, the feed might not be available immediately. The feature requires a server-side update that is undergoing an accelerated release. Microsoft claims that they expect that their News and Interests feed will be available for most users beginning on May 11, in addition to ensuring that Windows 10 users who install the KB5001391 update should be able to access the feature before the close of the month. Unfortunately, there’s no way to force enable the feed. But you’re certainly not being deprived of a lot because you have to wait.

Microsoft uses the delayed-release to avoid widespread bugs. It’s a sensible move, given that Windows Updates are notorious for inducing unintentional errors and bugs. Some users have reported an issue in news and interest feeds. Customize Windows 10 News and Interests feed where the widget is unable to function properly and shows a blank screen. Windows Latest reports you can restart Windows Explorer to fix this:

  • Press Ctl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
  • Right-click “Windows Explorer.”
  • Select “Reset.”

We hope that this issue is not too severe, and Microsoft will fix the issue before the News and Interests feed is widely accessible to Customize Windows 10.

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