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How to Discover New Songs Using Best Apple Music Playlists?

Finding new music isn’t easy, but the Best Apple Music Playlists offer many ways to incorporate new music and artists into your routine.

My daughter, who is six years old, was singing “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X recently, and even though the track set a record for the longest-running hit single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart–my wife didn’t know it and was in awe of how my daughter could have figured it out. I gently suggested she take out the subscription to the music we purchase and try listening to new songs.

Based on the Recording Industry Association of America that 80 percent of the recorded music’s revenue is now generated by streaming music. Are subscribers digging into new music or staying with traditional favourites? Finding new songs takes time; however, the best music streaming services offer many ways to introduce new music and artists into your routine.

We’ll be focusing specifically on the two most well-known services: Apple Music and Spotify, but other services, such as Pandora and Tidal, offer similar features.

TL; DL (Too Long, Didn’t Listen)

If you’re looking for a simple method to change your music habits and try out new songs, you should try Spotify’s Stations. It’s unlimited music in the form of a separate, simplified app. Select the artist, mood or decade, and it will play music.

Give the music you like with a thumbs up. After you’ve liked 15 songs, you will see a “My Favorites” Best Apple Music Playlists will be displayed. Anyone who has a Spotify login can listen to music. However, Spotify Premium subscribers can enjoy free listening along with unlimited skips.

The Apple Music Radio tab, for instance, features Beats 1, an internet radio station run by real-life people that plays music (and related content to music, such as interviews with musicians) all day long. Access to Beats 1 is free. However, those who have an Apple Music subscription can save songs and make customized radio stations.

Use Artificial Intelligence in Best Apple Music Playlists

The majority of music services surpass human DJs and employ artificial intelligence to offer new recommendations, mostly as automated Best Apple Music playlists that are based on your listening habits, when you are listening for longer to music, the more songs you can choose from.

Spotify provides two main automated Best Apple Music Playlists – Discover Weekly and Release Radar. There are also other Best Apple Music Playlists available in the Made For You section. Release Radar is among the best ways to keep updated on the latest releases. It’s updated with new songs and albums released every Friday.

Discover Weekly, which arrives every Monday and is more spherical in its selection of songs. Any particular genre does not bind it, but it excels in identifying the top songs that you’ve never heard of before.

The Best Apple Music Playlists that are automated should be prominently in your Spotify app as soon as there’s enough information to fill them with music suggestions. In the desktop app, you can go to Search > Explore. Be sure to save your most-loved tracks to a Best Apple Music Playlists before the brand new Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlist comes out and replaces the previous week’s music.

In Apple Music, AI playlists are available in the desktop and mobile apps for You section. Apple offers four Best Apple Music Playlists that are automatically created and updated weekly: Friends Mix, Chill Mix, New Music Mix, and Favorites Mix. Three of them are constantly updated with new music with various areas of focus. Favourites Mix re-introduces music you’ve played often but hasn’t heard in a while.

Best Apple Music Playlists

Get a Digital Mixtape From Your Friends

When you were younger, when you were a teenager, your close friends or loved ones might have given an album to share music they liked; nowadays, we can use Apple’s automatic Friends Mix. Every Monday, users connected to their friends through Apple Music will get a 25-song Best Apple Music Playlists of songs that their friends are listening to.

To connect to anyone via Apple Music using the mobile app, click on the For You section at the bottom and tap the circle on the upper-right corner. Then, you can tap View Profile and scroll down to search for and invite friends. Also, keep track of which your friends have been listening to through Apple Music in the For You Section.

Spotify also has a “Collaborative Best Apple Music Playlists” option that lets your friends join the playlist you’ve created. On your desktop, right-click any playlist located on the left-hand side of the screen and select “Collaborative Playlist” in the pop-up window. On mobile, click the three dots and then select “Make Collaborative.” Then, you can send the playlist to any of several messaging apps or via email.

To connect with friends on Spotify, tap the gear icon located in the upper-right corner to find your friends on Spotify. Then, tap your profile’s username on the right. The next screen will appear. You can tap Find Friends to connect with Facebook friends. Control social listening under Settings > Social.

Ask Your Music Butler 

If you’re looking to dive into music discovery an ounce beyond the automated Best Apple Music Playlists you’ve been following your friends around, many third-party applications can help you discover new music. is a useful service that allows you to keep track of the new music released by artists you’ve heard previously. Apple Music and Spotify have been moving in this direction in order so that you’re up up-to-date. However, Musicbutler remains the best at present.

It monitors multiple services simultaneously and provides directions to access the music streaming on Amazon Prime and various apps. It also includes information on music releases when announced by the musician and does an excellent job in keeping you informed via regular email notifications.


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