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How to Download Your Samsung Cloud Data?

Samsung has extended the deadlines for data transfer to accommodate Samsung Cloud data users. We’ve updated the information below to reflect the new deadlines and added additional information about sync with Samsung Cloud using OneDrive.

Samsung Cloud storage service is in the process of being shut down. Samsung Cloud storage service is in the process of being shut down. The shut down is occurring in stages, based upon where you live; however, Samsung has recently extended the dates for the entire “Group 1” areas, which comprises those in the U.S., Australia, the U.K., and the majority of Europe. Users of Group 1 are given until July 30 to directly sync the Samsung Cloud data to Microsoft OneDrive for free without downloading the data to another device first.

How can I backup Samsung Cloud data to OneDrive?

Users can transfer their Samsung Cloud information to OneDrive through OneDrive using the Gallery, My Files, or Samsung Cloud apps available on their mobile. It’s simple to begin. However, the whole process can take longer if a large amount of Samsung Cloud data moves.

It is important to note that transferring the Samsung Cloud data to OneDrive is free. However, some users might need to pay for more storage space within 12 months. Microsoft typically offers only 5 G.B. of storage space. However, Samsung Cloud users get free extra storage for 12 months to ensure that all their data is transferred. It is necessary to transfer all your stored data less than 5 G.B. before the free storage runs out when you decide not to pay for it.

The good news is that OneDrive plans are quite inexpensive, starting as low as $2 per month for 100GB, which means it won’t be costly if you find you’re unable to get your data under 5GB.

How do I backup Samsung Cloud data without OneDrive

If you do not have the opportunity to transfer the Samsung Cloud files into OneDrive — or do not want to use OneDrive in the first place, you can download your data onto a P.C., Samsung phone, or tablet up to September. 29. Be sure to download your data by the time because Samsung will begin eradicating Group 1 data starting in September. 30.

Backup all your Samsung Cloud data to your mobile device

Start the Samsung Cloud app and tap “Download my data.” Select the files you’d like to download and then click “Download.”

Launch Samsung Gallery. Open the Samsung Gallery app, tap the three-dot “More” icon, and select Settings > Download content from the cloud. Follow the on-screen directions to start the download.

The progress of downloading is monitored by the bar that displays notifications. It is important to note that you’ll require sufficient room on the device to save the total download size. Make sure you don’t end the download in the middle since it erases the downloaded files, and you’ll need to start the process again.

Samsung Cloud data to your P.C. Samsung Cloud data to your P.C.

Another alternative could be to download the Samsung Cloud data to your P.C. This is a great option for people who have lots of data to store on their phones, as the hard drive on P.C.s are bigger, and you can transfer the downloaded files later on to a USB media device to another cloud service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud. Access your files through Samsung Cloud’s Samsung Cloud website or download an application called the Samsung Gallery Windows 10 app and then go through Settings > Samsung Cloud.

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