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How to Fix the Android Bug Blocking Your Phone Calls?

Are you facing an Android Bug which is blocking your phone calls? Then don’t worry In this article we will learn Why this Android Bug comes and how to fix this. We like to make fun of the fact that nobody uses their smartphones to make calls by 2021. Even if that’s sort of true, it requires these devices to make and receive calls. When this functionality is doubted, our phones become more unreliable and irritating. This is why it’s so alarming that there’s a bug that blocks phone calls on Android phones.

According to Bleeping Computer, there now is a Google software bug, which could hinder specific Android devices from making and receiving calls. The issue is affecting “the most recent update of Google Search, the Google Search app on Android,” according to a Google community manager who could not confirm which version has the bug.

Take this as a warning that, while upgrading applications to their most recent version is generally an excellent decision, you must always keep an eye out for instabilities and Android Bugs that you haven’t noticed. Here’s how you can resolve this issue.

How do you fix the Android Bug that causes phone calls to Block?

The fix is available, and it’s fairly easy to fix: Google has issued an update for its app with the name “self-named,” fixing the Android Bug in call calls. The only thing you have to do to ensure that you can receive and make calls is to install the update. (If you have auto-updates turned on, likely, you’ve already done this.) To verify that your app is up-to-date, Follow these steps:

  • Start the Play Store and then look for the Google application.
  • If you spot the button for updating, click it. If the button reads Open, you’re updated.

Which Android phones do these bugs affect?

But, you may not be concerned about the issue too much if you own a phone manufactured by anyone other than LG. Google hasn’t confirmed which Android phones have been affected by the issue (frustrating indeed); however, complaints from users are mostly centered around LG phones, such as those with the LG G7, G7 ThinQ, LG V40 ThinQ, and LG Q70. Some users even tried not installing the Google application altogether to fix their Android Bugs.

In the meantime, until Google announces the official listing of smartphones affected, however, the evidence from anecdotal sources is the most reliable evidence we can utilize. Whatever phone you are using, it is recommended to update your Google app to ensure that all your calls are going through.

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