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10 Habits of Highly Effective Students

The Habits of Highly Effective Students are to learn how to study smarter, not hard. This will become more and more accurate as you progress in your education. Usually One or two hours of study a day is enough to get high school with satisfactory, sometimes excellent grades, but when it comes to college, there aren’t enough hours in the day that if you don’t know how to read your Get all the reading done.

Here 10 Habits of Highly Effective Students are discussed.

1- Get Organized

A plan of what you’re planning to do and when you’ll perform it will ensure you’re always ahead of the trend.

2- Don’t multitask 

Research has shown the physical inability of multitasking.

3- Split it into smaller chunks 

It’s not fun initially, and putting yourself to complete a marathon study can only make the situation worse. Divide your study into smaller pieces, and rewarding yourself once you’ve completed each piece makes studying (more) enjoyable.

4- Take proper sleep

Don’t undervalue the importance of those 8 hours of sleep every night! Sleeping well will help sharpen your focus and increase your memory function.

5- Create your plans are the Habits of Highly Effective Students

Are you more productive after school or just after having had dinner? Do you do better during short blocks of 90 minutes or in half-hour bursts? Find a timetable that you like, and adhere to it.

6- Notes to yourself

Not only will taking notes keep you engaged in class, but it help you determine what you’ll need to learn in the event of an exam. It’s much simpler to go back and read your notes than to go through the entire textbook!

7- Study

This is the one of the best Habits of Highly Effective Students. This may seem obvious, but did you realize that there’s a right and incorrect method to study? Study your subject for a few days in advance in small bits and in different ways (for instance, make flashcards on one day and then take exams to practice the next). That is, don’t try to try to cram. Control the space you study in and learn the study skills.

Habits of Highly Effective Students

8- Find a space where you can work at your best 

You should look for spaces that are free of televisions and other distractions. If it’s the local library or even your bedroom desk, create an area for study that you’ll be able to spend time in.

9- Find a study group

Joining a group of other students taking the same classes is an excellent method to review difficult class material or prepare for a major test. It is a great way to test each other, review the material, and ensure everybody is in the exact group. Remember, it is the most effective method to learn.

10- Asking questions are the Habits of Highly Effective Students

Asking questions are also include in the 10 Habits of Highly Effective Students. You’re there to learn and grow in school, so don’t be scared to ask questions! Inquiring for help – whether from your teacher, tutor or classmates- is a guaranteed method to ensure that you are fully aware of the subject matter. For asking questions to teachers you should increase your inner strength.

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