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2 Best methods to Delete Your Duplicate Google Contacts

This article will teach you how to identify and eliminate or join Duplicate Google Contacts. It is provided through Google; Google Contacts is a free web-based contact management tool. Similar to the other call management tools, there is a tendency to find Duplicate Google Contacts. How can you swiftly clean up Duplicate Google Contacts? There are two methods to achieve this. Make use of the built-in Merge and fix feature. You can also use third-party software.

Method 1. Remove or merge Duplicate Google Contacts by the ability to merge and fix

Step 1. On your web browser, visit

Step 2. Log in with the Google account you have created. Google account.

Step 3. At the top of the sidebar to the left, select Merge and Fix.

Step 4. It will instantly identify and display those Google Contacts duplicates on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 5. There are a variety of methods to handle duplications within Google Contacts.

  • Click Merge all to join all duplicate entries in the contact database.
  • Click Merge to join the entries that are duplicated for one particular contact.
  • You can ignore duplicates with the click of Dismiss.
  • Edit a contact by clicking on it. Or delete it according to the requirements.


If you apply the Dismiss option to a particular number of Duplicate Google Contacts, this group will be disregarded.

Method 2. Remove or merge Duplicate Google Contacts using ContactsMate

It is also possible to manage contacts from a third party called Cisdem ContactsMate to find and eliminate Duplicate Google Contacts. This MacOS-only application can be more flexible, providing helpful solutions for managing contacts, such as deletion of duplicates.

Step 1. Download ContactsMate via the Official download link. Install it. After you have opened it the first time, it will prompt you to sign in for Mac Contacts. Click OK—Mac Contacts app. Select OK.

Step 2. In this app, select Add Account.

Step 3. Choose Google. Sign in with it.

Step 4. When the window appears, Select Contacts, then select Done.

Step 5. Close ContactsMate and then open it up again. It should show the Google group on the left-hand sidebar.

Step 6. Step 6. Select the Google category and press Scan in the toolbar.

Step 7. Step 7. Conflict Resolution window, select one contact from the section Exact Duplicate Google Contacts. Select Merge as the method of resolution and then click Fix All.

Step 8. For other kinds or Duplicate Google Contacts, choose the contact and then select the best solution. Select Fix or Remove All and click Fix to eliminate duplicates.

Step 9. Google Contacts will automatically detect and transfer the changes. The Duplicate Google Contacts stored in the cloud will be removed as soon as they are discovered.

Important Tip

Before clicking the Scan button to check for Duplicate Google Contacts, you can set up the settings. In the preferences window, you can instruct this application to ignore or search for certain kinds of Duplicate Google Contacts.

Duplicate Google Contacts app

Cisdem ContactsMate

  • Use contacts from other sources such as Google and Mac’s contacts application, iCloud, Exchange, etc.
  • Remove duplicate contacts from the supported sources.
  • You can view and handle duplicates using particular types like duplicate names, exact duplicate contacts and so on.
  • You can also browse the contacts, search, edit, manage, share and sync contacts easily.
  • Export or convert contacts to up to eight formats.
  • Transfer contacts imported directly from VCF and CSV
  • Allows you to quickly backup and restore contacts quickly.
  • Compatibility with macOS 10.11 and up


It’s common for people to find Duplicate Google Contacts list. Certain of them are exactly duplicate entries. Others have partial duplicates. The removal of duplicates makes it easier to search and browse contacts. The two methods of removing Duplicate Google Contacts are simple to implement. The application used in the second option is extremely powerful and user-friendly. If you have a lot of contacts to handle, it is worth a look.

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