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How to Keep a Conversation Going? 5 Tips to Improve Conversation!

The situation happens for the very best of us. We’re speaking to someone we’ve just had a conversation with, and the conversation has stalled. We’re not sure how to continue or how to keep a conversation going, and the silence makes us feel uncomfortable. Even though these instances aren’t important in the grand world of things, they can be quite stressful for you when they occur.

We believe that the main issue isn’t that uncomfortable feeling. The fact that you don’t know how to keep a conversation going can mean you miss the chance to get acquainted with a great person.

It’s common for conversations with people who are new to encounter bumps in the beginning. Make sure they get over the bumps, and you’ll be creating a wonderful relationship. Here are the five best ways I’ve found to keep a conversation going.

1- Find out what to say on your most popular topics. Improve your Conversation Skills

Everyone has things we love, such as hobbies, activities, ideas, projects, goals or even jobs. Make an easy but pertinent list of the subjects you’re most passionate about. It could be easy topics for conversation for you.

You should read the list several times before getting to know the contents. When you’re stuck in a conversation that isn’t moving, take a look at the list and figure out an opportunity to steer your conversation around one of the topics listed on the list.

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2- Ask open-ended questions

One method to keep a conversation going is to keep the other party talking. You should have the inner strength to conversate with others. The best method to accomplish this is to ask her open-ended questions.

These questions require more than just ‘yes or “no” responses and offer possibilities of more complex responses. For instance, a question like “What do you consider the event?’ rather than “Do you enjoy it?’ types of questions can encourage people to speak and could be life-saving in slowing down conversations.

3- Blurt to keep a conversation going

Most of the time, we have a hard time maintaining a conversation not because we are unable to think of anything interesting to talk about, but rather because we worry that the other person will not like the subject, topic, or idea we’ve in our the back of our minds. But, the majority of the time, this fear is not grounded in reality.

This is where blurting comes in. Blurting is a technique for conversation to speak about what you’re thinking about at the moment and not restrict your thoughts. Try it, and you’ll find that people aren’t that rough and can enjoy lots of things in conversations.

4- Allow the person in question to stop the silence

The majority of people don’t like silences during a conversation. If they experience silence, the first thing they do is find something to discuss. This can be used to keep a conversation going. 

If, for instance, you’ve just met someone at a social gathering, and you’re talking, but the conversation is getting stale, don’t quit the conversation and go to find peanuts or something similar to that.

Instead, remain in the conversation while letting the silence do the work for you. In most cases, you will find that the other person will eventually take over the conversation and break the silence.

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5- Practice, practice, practice

Practice is much important to keep a conversation going with others. I have known many who struggled to keep a conversation going. Today they are able to do it even with the shyest or indifferent person. How did they reach this point? They’ve practiced.

They’ve deliberately pushed them out of their comfort zone to befriend new people, meet new people and use techniques similar to the four mentioned earlier. Try the same, and you’ll experience the same kind of results from your conversational abilities.

Remember that you don’t need to maintain a conversation regardless of the topic. Suppose you notice that the person you’re speaking to has decided to not participate in the conversation or be friendly.

In that case, you can stop the conversation in a polite manner and chat with another person. But, I think you are responsible for trying to create a dialogue that works. If you can do this effectively, you will be able to build strong relationships and influence others.

Asad Rafique
Asad Rafique
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