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How to Speed Up Android Phone? 6 Best Tips

There aren’t many people who speed up android phone each year or even every few years. As Android phones age, they become slower, and the experience becomes annoying when you notice frequent crashes.

If you’re seeing signs of aging within your device, and not just its performance but also the speed up android phone, then it could be time to switch to a new model. If you’re not prepared yet to spend cash for a new handset, There are some tricks to ispeed up android phone.

6 Strategies to speed up android phone run faster.

1- Uninstall any unnecessary applications to 

When we install new applications without deinstalling any in time, there will be too many unnecessary apps running on your phone, impacting the overall performance. While some apps consume space on your phone while others are running in the background to update their contents or complete other tasks.

Thus wasting important system resources that could be used more efficiently by the applications you are using. Also, remove any Android apps that you do not regularly use.

It is also a good moment to disable or uninstall the preinstalled apps on your phone but isn’t in use. It is also possible to remove tasks killer and antivirus applications off your device. If you’re only making use of your Google Play Store to download applications, Google’s Play Protect is more than enough security for your phone. We have a post to help you decide if you need antivirus for your Android phone.

Android is extremely intelligent in managing the phone’s resources. Therefore, it doesn’t require an application to eliminate anything speed up android phone boost. Task killers can do more harm than benefit. In essence, you should only keep applications you need and utilize.

2- Home-screen improvements

If you’re using an old Android phone that’s not as powerful live wallpapers as well as excessive widgets could impede its performance. Although live wallpapers and widgets will not slow the performance of the most modern and efficient phone, older models aren’t as luxuries.

If you’re using live wallpapers or too many widgets on your phone’s home screen, eliminate them and select an ordinary wallpaper. If you’re looking for other improvements to your home screen, You can also use an external launcher that makes your home screen more responsive.

3- Update the operating system of the phone and applications

Some people aren’t too concerned about software updates, so they do not install them. This is a mistake as up-to-date software is generally great for your phone. The device manufacturers typically release several fixes for bugs and other improvements in these software updates. Therefore, installing them is essential as soon as you discover they’re available. If you’re not yet installing any updates, visit Settings > System > Update (or software update) on your smartphone to find and install any available updates.

It’s an excellent idea to upgrade the apps you have installed on your mobile. If you’ve followed the recommendations in the ‘uninstall useless apps section, you’ll now only have the most beneficial apps in your smartphone. Therefore, make sure to upgrade them to the most recent version, which includes the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes.

4- Utilize Go-edition or Lite applications

Its Lite or Go-edition versions of apps don’t just take less space; they’re also not as resource-intensive as primary apps. Therefore, using them can significantly improve your experience from apps, particularly on older hardware. There aren’t any Lite or Go-edition versions for every app, but the big names like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other top brands offer them.

5- Do a factory reset to speed up android phone

Another option to speed up android phone is to perform the factory reset and restart the phone. A factory reset can eliminate any unnecessary clutter off your smartphone and give it a fresh look. Be sure to back up all important information before performing the factory reset.

It’s important to remember that a factory reset will introduce the malware back onto your phone. Also, following the factory reset, you must remove all apps that aren’t needed that the manufacturer has preinstalled on your phone.

6- Create a ROM/ Kernel that you have created or increase the speed of the CPU to speed up android phone

This guideline is not suitable intended for everyone. If you don’t know what you’re doing when installing the custom ROM, custom kernel, or overclocking your CPU, you could damage your phone. These things are likely to cause the warranty to be voided from your phone if you own it. Be sure to think carefully before doing any of these.

In the end, the use of a custom ROM or kernel could speed up android phone. The XDA forums are a fantastic source for finding excellent customized ROMs and kernels and even tips on overclocking.

The great community found in these forums will also be able to assist you in case you are stuck. Be aware that you’ll require root access to your smartphone to install the custom kernel and speed up android phone of the CPU. Additionally, installing the custom kernel or ROM erases your data.

Here are some suggestions to speed up android phone. Do you know additional great ways to improve Android performance on older phones? Would you please share them via the comment section? If you’re experiencing issues using the Google Play store, our guide on fixing frequent Play Store problems could help.

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