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What is the Most Important Step in Prioritizing Goals?

what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? This is very important question of every person who have a goal in his life and want to achieve that. If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend Tony Robbins’ seminars, you’ve likely been told by him that “successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.

” I’ve observed that he was on point. Questions reflect our perception of the world. As a consultant for productivity, one of the most crucial inquiries I make to my clients is “what is the most important step in prioritizing goals?”

Every CEO and manager, executive, and entrepreneur knows that it’s important to establish goals. However, many do not know the best way to establish them correctly. Many people make the error of conflating goals with goals.

It’s fine to dream. It’s usually a good destination to visit occasionally; however, like Napoleon Hill said, “a goal is a dream with a deadline.” It conveys the message. However, there’s additional to the idea.

There’s a technique to creating goals. A vague thought that you have in your mind isn’t an actual goal, and neither is an outline of what you’d like to achieve. There’s a way of making goals that will boost the chances of success times over. The failure to implement an effective system to achieve your goals is reminiscent of the phrase Brian Tracy used to say: “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

If you’re serious about achieving success, knowing goal setting isn’t only essential; it’s vital. It’s not that difficult. It’s an absolute breeze.

Let’s have an overview of the way people approach setting goals, and then we’ll be able to determine the most significant aspect of setting goals is?

what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? 6 Methods

1. The Ivy Lee Method

Ivy Lee is a name that CEOs and entrepreneurs, and managers must be aware of. In 1918, he went into the workplace of Charles M. Schwab, the head of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and gave him a method that Schwab later stated was the most profitable advice he’d ever received. He read much to learn what is the most important step in prioritizing goals?

The curious mind would want to know what that suggestion was. The fact is, Lee ended up being paid $25,000 (the equivalent to $400,000 in dollars in 2016).

He asked Schwab to grant him 15 minutes for all of the executives. And he instructed them:

Each day, note down the six most important tasks you’ll need to complete the next day. Change them to order in importance. Once you get to the office, only focus on the first job the next day. Please don’t stop doing it till you’ve got completed the task.

Repeat this procedure every single throughout the day to know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? The trick here is twofold. The limit of only six goals means that you don’t neglect any unnecessary goals. Working each one at a time (in order in importance) guarantees that you will achieve your top goals first.

what is the most important step in prioritizing goals?

2. The Jim Rohn Method

Jim Rohn was the master of simplifying things. He was know that what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? His goal-setting process is a great illustration of that. It’s a four-step method:

Decide on what you want. Note your thoughts onto a sheet of paper, then create an inventory. Put a date on each goal to indicate when to complete it.

Get to work and mark items off your to-do list to know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? It’s a matter of simplicity. The main thing to remember is to figure out what you’re looking for.

3. The WOOP Technique

This WOOP Technique will help you to know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? The acronym is WOOP which stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan. Goals that are thrilling, challenging and realistic

Goal: Visualize yourself reaching the goal and imagine how it will feel.

Obstacle: Consider any obstacles that may hinder you from reaching your objectives.

Plan: Develop a detailed plan of action for dealing with every difficulty.

There is never a perfect schedule, but the error that many make is believing things will go smoothly without any issues. There are always issues, and chaos can ensue. This is why the fourth phase of the method is crucial—making a plan to handle any challenges you may encounter will spare you many hours of headache and stress.

4. The SMART Technique

If you want to know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? then this smart Technique will help you most. The goal-setting technique was the first strategy I was exposed to as an entrepreneur in my early years. It was derived from a management document written by George Doran, former Director of Corporate Planning for Washington Water Power Company, 1981.

It’s great for students since it’s easy to remember. It stands for specific, measurable, achievable pertinent, time-bound.

Specific:  You know precisely what you want to achieve.

Measurable: You can monitor and measure your goals.

Attained: Your objective is real and achievable.

Relevant: Your goal inspires you.

Time-Bound: You have a specific deadline for your goals.

To know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? The most important thing to remember is to set specific and realistic goals that can be tracked. For instance, you need to distribute flyers. It is not your goal “to hand out 1000 flyers in two hours.” This is because it is impossible to predict whether or not people take the flyers. If you don’t meet your goal, you’ll be disappointed.

The more appropriate goal description could be “I will hand out flyers for two hours and greet people with a smile.” This is possible since your attitude and the amount of time you devote to working on the project are completely within your control. By practicing on this technique this is  not difficult to know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals?

5. The HARD Technique

HARD means emotional, animated, necessary and challenging. Contrary to SMART goals, which are focused on real-world goals, HARD goals are designed to test you. They’re designed to push you outside of your comfort zone and challenge you to the limits. This Hard Technique will help you to know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals?

So, goals with a high degree of difficulty might not be ideal for newbies to set. However, once you’ve achieved some results with other methods and are now ready to take your goals further, HARD goals could be the perfect solution.

Heartfelt Goals: Every goal must be emotionally based to know what is the most important step in prioritizing goals?

Animation: Imagine yourself having achieved your goals and visualize the vivid images of reaching every target.

Needed: Incorporate an urgency in your goals.

The most difficult thing to do is make you uncomfortable and accept the new challenge.

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6. The Brian Tracy Method

Brain Tracy breaks down goal setting into six steps. Clean a piece on paper. Write “Goals” at the top of the page, along with today’s date. List a minimum of ten objectives you want to meet for the coming year.

Every goal should start with the letter “I,” followed by an action verb. Write down your goals with the present time, as you would have accomplished. Example: “I earn $100,000 by the end of this year.”

The words must be written in positive language. Don’t write, “I will stop eating chocolate.” Instead, write “I eat healthy snacks.” Make goal lists for your personal, professional finances, life, and health.

The Answer

It should be no surprise that there’s an abundance of overlap in the methods. Now, let’s address the question, “what is the most important step in prioritizing goals?”

The most qualified option to respond to this question would be the top-selling author and public speaker Simon Sinek who, in his well-known TED Talk, explains that the whole process begins by asking “why.” As he explained, “Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered the “I have an idea” speech and rather than the “I have plans” speech.

Martin Luther King, Jr had a vision of the future, and it prompted him to take action that transformed a nation. The reason he chose was crystal and clear, not only for him but for all.

I hope this article what is the most important step in prioritizing goals? will be very helpful to you. Share this article

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