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5 Best Reasons Why You Should Buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12 ?


Are you exited to know what are the Reasons You Should Buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12? Then no worry in this guide i will explain you. These phones, both budget-friendly, are fantastic, but Google offers many advantages here. A major one of the intriguing smartphone trends for 2020 is the increase in “value flagships” — smartphones that provide a premium experience for less than the $1,000 phones that we’ve come to expect in recent years.

It’s the Pixel 5, and iPhone 12 are two of these phones, with both costing $700. These phones aren’t inexpensive, but they’re top-quality products by Google and Apple that are more affordable when compared to other phones available.

The Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 are excellent handsets that can perform well. However, a few aspects are unique to the Pixel 5 that give it an advantage over the iPhone 12 provided this year. If you’re stuck on the two phones, Here are five reasons to think that the Pixel 5 may be the best choice.

5 Best Reasons You Should Buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12

1. Pixel 5 has a smoother display with a 90Hz refresh rate

This is the first reason to buy Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12. One of the major benefits of one of the biggest advantages offered by the iPhone 12 compared to the iPhone 11 is its upgraded display. Apple ended up ditching the iPhone 11’s LCD display with 720p to make way for an OLED display that is 1080 pixels which is a display that appears much better. However, it’s not as good as the Pixel 5 still manages to offer an even more appealing display.

It’s quite similar in many ways to iPhone 12 in that it’s an OLED 1080p display, but it’s a Pixel 5 that Pixel 5 has a faster refresh rate of 90Hz, compared to 60Hz in the iPhone 12. For everyday usage, this means that every scrolling motion and swiping is much more smooth on the Pixel than on the iPhone. Therefore you should buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12.

High-resolution refresh rates of 90 and 120Hz are quite common in higher-end phones, which is why the lack in this regard for the iPhone 12 is pretty disappointing. It’s unlikely to be noticed in the slightest if you’ve never owned a smartphone that had more than a 60Hz screen; however, when your phone goes to 90Hz and greater, and you’re stuck, it’s impossible to get back.

Some users prefer quick speedier than other people. However, the fact that Google can offer one on the Pixel 5 for a lower cost over the iPhone 12 is pretty noteworthy.

2. Google continues to provide the most amazing camera experience

This is the second reason to buy  Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12. On the surface, both Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 have amazing camera systems. Google, along with Apple, has been working on their camera techniques for quite a while to the point that it’s evident on every phone. Whichever handset you choose, it’s safe to be sure you’ll get amazing photos.

However, Google still manages to beat the competition in the market with its Pixel 5. Even though the camera hardware on the Pixel 5 is pretty old, the image processing capabilities of Google continue to be among the top options available. In particular, Pixel 5’s Pixel 5 does better work with night photos and low-light zoomed-in images and generally produces colours that are more appealing to take a look at. There are also some exciting tools to play with, including Portrait Light for drastically changing the appearance of portraits within just a blink.

The iPhone 12 still has the edge when it comes to video; however, if your primary goal is still photography, then you’ll do better using Pixel 5. Therefore you should buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12.

3. Face ID for 2021 is an ache in the butt

Face ID is an ache in the butt  In 2021, face masks will be an everyday part of life. When you’re at work, going out to buy groceries, or going on an outdoor walk with friends to catch fresh air and exercise, you (should) wear a face mask. However, for those with the iPhone 12, that makes the use of Face ID kind of impossible. Face masks don’t work in conjunction with Face ID, so if you’re wearing one and want to access your device, you’ll be entering your PIN.

It may not seem like a huge deal; however, if you spend most of the day wearing a face mask, the need to input your PIN several times throughout the day gets old very quickly.

Pixel 5 avoids this hassle with the fingerprint sensor that is located on its back. When you place your finger over the sensor and the phone is unlocked with a single click, and you’re going to your daily routine. This is a benefit we would not have considered just a few years ago; however, considering that we’ll likely wear masks for the next few years, this is something to think about before purchasing the next phone. This is the 3rd reason to buy  Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12.

4. The exclusive Pixel features are great

This is the most important to buy Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12. It doesn’t matter if it’s iMessage or AirDrop. Everybody is aware of the special software features that are available on an iPhone. It’s not difficult to see how valuable some of these tools are. However, you shouldn’t ignore the features Google has to offer through the Pixel phones. For buyers who might be interested, the features you receive on the Pixel 5 could be a greater value than the features offered by the iPhone 12 brings to the table. This reason is on the 4th number and very common reason to buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12. 

Let’s begin by discussing one of my absolute favorites – spam filtering. Nearly everyone receives spam messages, and they can be a major nuisance regardless of who you’re dealing with. When you use Google Phone, the Google Phone app on the Pixel 5, you’re given several options to block these calls. They include:

  • Check the number of the caller and the spam ID: Identify the business and spam numbers.
  • Stop spam calls by blocking them. Suspicious spam calls from causing trouble for you.
  • Verified Calls: View the caller ID and the reason for calls coming from companies

If I receive a phone call from the Pixel 5 and it’s suspected to be spam, I do not have to worry about the call ringing and continue with my day. If it’s a random call that’s not automatically classified as spam, I can filter the call with Google Assistant and have it respond for me. One of the latest enhancements, Hold for Me, is a feature that makes the Assistant go higher by allowing it to hold your spot when you’re on a call and are waiting to speak to a representative from customer service.

Another feature I can’t seem to live without is the feature called Now Playing. It’s the same as having Shazam playing all the time in the background, but with virtually no impact on battery power and working entirely offline. If there is a song running in the background, and I need to know what it’s about, the only thing I need to do is check my lock screen, and it’s there. Therefore you should buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12.

I could continue to talk about the entire array of Pixel’s functions in the software and capabilities but suffice to declare that there’s plenty to get your hands on. Some users are always getting more of the options available on iOS; however, each year, Google keeps making an argument that is compelling as to why its Android version Android is currently the most effective available.

5. You can get more storage for less cost

This is also one of the most important reason to buy Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12. If you’re planning to keep your smartphone for more than two years, it’s vital to ensure you have enough space for everything you’d like to accomplish. Even if you’ve got an incredibly fast processor or stunning display, it doesn’t is worth it if you hit the wall of storage and run out of space for apps, games, pictures and so on. In this case, Pixel 5 wins another time. Pixel 5 gets another win.

If you purchase the Pixel 5 for $700, you’ll receive 128GB of memory. This is the only model of this smartphone Google makes available, and though this could be problematic for some people who need to be super-powered, 128GB should provide plenty of space for most users.

In comparison, the iPhone 12 costs $100 more at $800 and comes with 64GB of storage. If you’re looking to increase your storage to 128GB, you’ll wind in the middle of paying $850. It’s not a bad cost to double the storage capacity. However, the reality is that you’ll have more storage for less money by using Google’s Pixel 5 (in addition to all the other benefits described in this post). Therefore you should buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12.

Final Verdict: Buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12

We’re glad you chose our Pixel 5 over the iPhone 12, and we are interested in hearing from you. What do you think about your experience with the Pixel 5 making it your most preferred phone? If you’re an Apple person, why do you think the iPhone 12 works better for you than the Pixel?

I hope this article “5 Best Reasons You Should Buy a Pixel 5a Over iPhone 12” will be very helpful to you.

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