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How Spotify Is Improving Diversity in Podcasting?

Spotify Is Improving Diversity in Podcasting and taking a role in the world. In a field that is being criticized more and more for its inequity, Spotify is doing its part by promoting voices from non-white communities and preparing creators for success in the field of podcasting.

Sound Up, a program of Spotify. Sound Up program is designed to tackle the dearth of Spotify Is Improving Diversity in podcasting and provide an opportunity for a variety of voices.

This article will explain the ways that the Sound Up program supports communities of podcasts that are underrepresented and why this is vital to ensure that these communities have the same opportunities to be successful in the world of podcasting.

How Spotify Is Improving Diversity in Podcasting?

Sound Up, Spotify’s program designed to address the issue of diversity in the field of podcasting, helps minorities succeed within the predominantly white market. The program aims to provide potential podcasters with the education and tools required to get going with their podcasting careers.

Its Sound Up program, now in its third year, is designed to elevate and amplify the voice of new podcasters with a low level of education, workshops and assistance.

The program was launched a few years ago. The program encourages new podcasters to apply every year, including those who have no experience in podcasting, as well as trains and prepares the most successful applicants for a career in the field of podcasting.

The program is open to applicants around the world and in the US and guides them in developing and producing their own podcasts–essentially uplifting underrepresented voices by helping them position themselves for success in podcasting.

Which Communities Does Spotify’s Sound Up Program Support?

Sound Up’s Sound Up program has received hundreds of hundreds of thousands of submissions since it was first launched, plus more than sixty individuals across the globe, including those from the UK, Australia, the US and Germany — have successfully completed the program up to this point. Some of them have created their own podcasts, and some are now running Spotify Original podcasts of their own.

The program will be accessible in 14 countries and will have more than 140 new creators by 2021. Some of Sound Up’s new launches include the Latinx US program with a goal of creating multilingual podcasts to appeal to a growing Spanish-speaking US audience and female podcasters from India, as well as low-income youngsters from large urban areas in Argentina. Sound Up will be launching in Mexico, Spain, and Italy too.

Why Spotify Is Improving Diversity in Podcasting

Spotify Is Improving Diversity in Podcasting. Podcasters need to reflect on their listeners. Although the majority of those who listen to podcasts tend to be white, the audience is diverse. An earlier Nielsen report showed that the audience for podcasts is expanding in their diversification.

Particularly, non-white audiences for podcasts are growing more quickly than white audiences. Non-whites make up 41% of the audience for podcasts as compared to the 34percent of whites who constitute the total adult US population. Because the audience for podcasts is increasing in diversities, it’s becoming increasingly important to include many non-white creators catering to the diverse audience.

In a society that is increasingly conscious of the need to be diverse in media, it’s crucial to respond by empowering new voices and potential creators from communities that are underrepresented in order to help them better serve these communities. By doing this, it gives them a chance of success in this rapidly expanding industry.

Spotify Is Improving Diversity in Podcasting and Playing Its Part

While technology is becoming more readily available in some countries that are developing and making it easier for podcasters who want to start their careers, they require more than that in order to stand an opportunity to achieve success in the field of podcasting.

Podcasters who are just beginning their careers require education and support in order to establish themselves as creators and also provide them with more tools for success and the chance to support the communities they serve. Spotify Is Improving Diversity in Podcasting. Sound Upon Spotify’s Sound Up program is helping in this regard and is aiming to level the playing field for podcasters from underrepresented communities and giving the opportunity to have a chance to achieve being successful in the field of podcasting.

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