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Tips To Overcome Social Media Addiction – 6 Proven Methods

Are you Social media addicted? And want to Overcome Social media addiction. Then don’t worry You can overcome by following my 6 proved methods.  An estimated 210 million people worldwide are suffering from social media addiction. It was a mere estimation from 2017 before the world moved online the same way it is now.

With most of us in a confined space in a secluded space, unable to connect with people in person and turning to social media because of boredom and the desire to be connected, our social media usage patterns have undoubtedly become more unhealthy.


It is not easy process to Overcome Social media addiction  because Social media addiction isn’t a simple thing to measure; however, there are visible signs. Check off the number of indicators of addiction to social media you’re in the process of being guilty.

What percentage of them were relevant to you? If you recognize yourself in any of these indicators, Don’t worry. Many of us are developing the behaviours and traits typical of someone addicted to media. All of them can have a negative impact on our health and well-being.

What are we able to do? Fighting the urge to use social media isn’t something you can accomplish in a single day; it takes an overhaul of your digital life balance, which is personal to you. But, while only you can determine this, There are ways you can decrease your usage and dependence on social media and assist you in taking control of the tiny phone that has become a tyrant.

tips to overcome social media addiction

#1 TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS to Overcome Social Media Addiction

It’s not easy to disconnect you from your social networks when the smartphone constantly flashes with notifications. Therefore, turn off your notifications.

Notifications about when certain people have tweeted, and the like can be enough to distract you, and yet, a lot of people also become caught up checking their phone and tallying ‘likes’. It’s unhealthy and can create anxiety after posting a blog post.

After you’ve posted what you’d like to share, I suggest you leave the social network for a certain amount of time to ensure you don’t be slapped by someone who interacts with your article.


It’s not difficult to understand how our smartphones disrupt our sleeping schedules. 45percent of us choose to check social media instead of sleeping.

To avoid this, place your cell phone in the opposite aspect of the room. If your phone is out of reach, we’ll be less likely to look at it. It’s often an automatic instinct to reach for your phone and browse through social media while in the comfort of your bed.

If you are forced to get up to allow this, you’ll be thinking about why you would like to use your smartphone, and the chances are good that this will allow you to limit the amount you utilize at night.


Don’t check your phone when you step up from your bed. One of the things we check first when we wake up is to check our phones for many of us. Do not do this! Not only is this a sign of an unhealthy dependence on our smartphones, but the sheer volume of content that will bombard your screen as you scroll is just too overwhelming for our exhausted minds to manage.

It will distract and overwhelm us and negatively affect our ability to concentrate for the day. Do not touch it until you’re at the very least settled into the day.

social media addiction
Pile of 3D Popular Social Media Logos


It’s a lot easier said than done, I am sure. But one of the major indicators of a social media addiction can be that it is a time where you are spending a lot of time thinking about and planning your posts. This can cause anxiety and stress.

If you don’t place a lot of emphasis on the content and manner in which you share, you’ll be better able to free your mind of this anxiety. If you will hardly work on this technique you can overcome Social media addiction easily.


Rekindle your passion for your interests, or try new ones. Make time for yourself away from work and mobiles to discover and engage in other activities that aren’t based on screens, such as making crafts and reading and working out. You can give yourself back the time that you’d been scrolling away and dedicating it to you.

#6 Try DIGITAL DETOX to Overcome Social Media Addiction

The best thing one can accomplish is to go without it. It doesn’t mean you have to stop using social media entirely, and it simply means removing yourself entirely from the internet. This is known as an electronic detox.

The tips listed above are the steps to an electronic detox. The benefits of a complete detox cannot be equalled by the benefits of any other suggestion that was mentioned previously.

It’s only after you eliminate the social networks from your day-to-day routine that you begin to realize the amount of time you can dedicate to yourself during the day and how much it opens up your thoughts. By following all these techniques you can overcome Social media addiction easily.

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