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Why Bluetooth Headphones Will Never Give You Sound Quality?

There’s a reason that you should have wired headphones to get the most out of the top. There are many top Bluetooth headphones available. They dominate the market for earbuds. Ones that are on the market rank among the top of the over-the-ear varieties. Even though they sound in many different scenarios, they’ll never be as great as wired headphones do. Here’s why.

These streaming platforms have raised the bar about audio quality. Tidal was among the first streaming services to offer lossless streaming that is FLAC-quality on CD at a cost and, just this year the other streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music along with Spotify (soon to launch) offer similar, high-bitrate lossless streaming services for the same price you paid before.

What exactly is the audio quality? 

If the buzzwords aren’t saying something in your life, then here’s an understanding: Digital music, as with all digital goods, comprises digital data (1s and 1s and). The more information you can pack into a single file, the better the audio will sound. Ideally, you’d like to include the most information you can get to get the full effect of the particular track.

But, information occupies space. The more data a file holds, the more space it consumes and the more challenging it is to stream. To address this issue, streaming platforms compress music files or eliminate details. It’s a good idea to remove enough information to decrease the size of the file but retain enough information so that most listeners don’t feel the loss in audio quality.

This is what we mean when talking about bitrate. It’s the amount of information that any particular file can transfer. If a file has a greater bitrate, it will transfer more data, typically leading to better quality. If it has a lower bitrate, it can transfer less data, which results in lower quality.

What lossless streaming does is eliminate the majority of compression to provide you with audio to experience as like the original recording material as it is. In the present, when almost every streaming service that is popular offers this kind of listening experience that is lossless, you’ll be able to benefit from it using whatever headphones you own, right?

Aren’t wireless Bluetooth Headphones compatible with wired headphones?

Let’s get this straight: Bluetooth Headphones is which connects your wireless headset to your device, is limited in the amount of bitrate it can support. It doesn’t matter if you choose your streaming service, such as Apple Music, to play in the lossless mode because the files will be compressed to the maximum allowed by the Bluetooth Headphones device.

It’s not that music that you listen to will sound bad—the contrary. Apple Music, for example, utilizes an AAC Bluetooth Codec to play music on Bluetooth headphones. It comes with an incredibly high 256 Kbps. Spotify offers a maximum bitrate of 300 Kbps. The bitrates you choose will be great to listen to with your Bluetooth headphones.

Even Sony’s most expensive model, WF-1000XM4, which is the crown jewel of Sony, has the highest bitrate of 990 milliseconds. Although that’s three times that of the standard Bluetooth Headphones audio technology, this isn’t enough to support lossless.

The headphones that are wired, however, don’t suffer from this issue of compression. They can handle the entire audio signal coming from your device. In certain cases, it’s your listening device that isn’t able to handle the headphones. Certain headphones require extra power to be able to appreciate their superiority.

This is where a DAC can help, providing an extra amount of power to help support its quality files as well as the sound quality of headphones. It is essential to have a DAC to experience lossless music at the highest bitrates of Apple Music, for example, regardless of the type of wired headphones you own.

Not all wired Bluetooth Headphones are created equal

There are many varieties of Bluetooth Headphones with wires available. If there’s a wire connected to the Bluetooth Headphones does not mean that it will perform better than the ones you have with AirPods.

Many Bluetooth Headphones and earbuds that are wireless feature technology that allows them to sound fantastic. A cheap pair of Bluetooth Headphones that are featureless may be able to soak in the lossless signal your streaming service sends through, yet it’s quite likely that your AirPods sound better when they are when they’re compressed. The issue isn’t just about the bitrate, but also the way they produce sound.

Maybe one-day wireless technology will evolve to the point that we could beam lossless signals directly to our ears. For now, the technology is restricted to wired headsets.

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