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Why is it important to set realistic goals? 7 Tips for you

Why is it important to set realistic goals? This term is highly searched on Google. And mostly people are anxious to learn about this. If you are also one of them then this article is for you. On social media, I’ve lost track of how many friends of mine who’ve shared the famous Norman Vincent Peale quote:

“Shoot at the moon. Even if you fail your target, you’ll end up in the midst of the stars.”

Also, try to set high goals and ambitious goals. Even when you’re not there, you’ll be in the right place. I completely agree with the idea of setting goals with a high bar in all aspects of our lives. But, Norman Vincent Peale and I may not agree on the way to frame these goals at the beginning in a manner that mentions the possibility of not meeting them or setting goals that aren’t achievable.

According to my, goals must be well-balanced between being ambitious and being real (very similar to the idea of the SMART Goals).

I work in marketing. This means that the concept of a measured objective isn’t new to me. Since the beginning of my job, it was instilled into me that everything should be based on goals, which has been a great help throughout my career. However, goal-setting and, more crucially, goal-setting can have a profound positive effect on both personal and professional elements of your lives no matter what you choose to do in your professional life. Why is it important to set realistic goals?

Let’s look at why it is crucial to create realistic goals and the benefits of real-world goal setting.

Why is it important to set realistic goals?

1. Goal Setting, Goal Getting, and Your Self Confidence

Why is it important to set realistic goals? There is a serious self-confidence crisis in our hands. A study from 2021 showed that most women (62 per cent) and half males do not think they’re smart. Surprisingly, more than 60 percent of us don’t believe that we’re competent at what we do. Additionally, low self-esteem is associated with a higher risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide. 

Exactly Why is it important to set realistic goals?

A study conducted by George Wilson on “Value-Centred Approach To Goal-Setting And Action Planning” identified clear connections between goal setting and improved confidence in yourself. That is, setting specific goals even if you have not yet achieved them, but are working toward them, could increase self-esteem. Why is it important to set realistic goals?

2. Setting Goals Motivates Us

Why is it important to set realistic goals? Another reason it is important to set realistic goals is that it will help to keep us on track.

Motivation is a struggle for a lot of people right now. A year filled with turmoil and uncertainty can cause even the most enthusiastic of us to feel a little drained. However, more than 50% of participants in a survey said that setting goals help keep them on track.

In particular, during times of stress, having goals you can achieve can aid in keeping your focus and drive at work and your personal goals.

3. The Power of Micro-Goals

Why is it important to set realistic goals? To quote the great Baz Luhrmann: this specific suggestion “has no foundation more reliable than my own experiences,”–well, from my own experience and the experiences of my friends I’ve shared anecdotally.

I’ve been on a quest to lose quite a bit of weight in the past year. It’s not the literal weight for clarity. However, if we want to be precise, I set up to lose 56lbs. This isn’t the only time I’ve embarked to accomplish this goal, and on my earlier three attempts at it, I was close to the goal before giving up and then undoing the hard work. Hello, self-destruct mode!

This time I approached it differently. Instead of starting with the aim to “I want to lose 56lbs,” I’ve broken it down into smaller goals that are more realistically achievable within an incredibly short amount of time.

Goal 1: 14lbs

Goal 2: 28lbs

Goal 3: 35lbs

Goal 4: 42lbs

Goal 5: 49lbs

Goal 6: 56lbs

I recently completed goal number 4 and am now on the road to goal 5.

What’s the difference?

I feel motivated as I’ve already accomplished four of my targets. In the last attempt I took, I was 25lbs lighter; I was irritated that my goal seemed so distant. Why is it important to set realistic goals? The next time, I’m celebrating victories more often by setting smaller goals that contribute to the bigger picture. It boosts my determination and dedication.

Why is it important to set realistic goals?

4. Dopamine Loves Realistic Goals

Why is it important to set realistic goals? Dopamine is commonly known as” the “pleasure chemical.” It’s the chemical released when we’re feeling happy. Bad or good ones can cause the happiness we experience. Some illicit drugs work by blocking the body’s dopamine system, which is why they are so addictive.

Micro goals provide us with a feeling of satisfaction. Setting small goals frequently in achieving larger ones can give us a pleasant dose of dopamine. This helps us stay motivated in the direction of the larger goals. That’s why Why is it important to set realistic goals?

5. Realistic Goals Give Us “Oomph!”

Why is it important to set realistic goals? A remarkable result of the study conducted in 2017 by Granot, Stern, and Balcetis discovered that setting goals could increase the systolic blood pressure of our bodies and help us feel more ready to take action. But the results went a step further. They showed that when goals seemed “difficult to achievable” (in terms of “realistic”), the boost in SBP was bigger as opposed to situations where the goal seemed too daunting. 

So setting realistic goals has physical effects on our bodies, giving ourselves an “oomph” we need to take action and achieve it.

6. Realistic Goals and the Goldilocks Rule

Why is it important to set realistic goals? Goals, by nature, are results we wish to achieve and require us to take action to achieve. The achievement of goals is only possible if we follow the plan of action that we must follow to take to achieve the targets. Sticking to any goal, regardless of whether it’s an exercise routine, a commitment for writing 500 words every day, a fitness routine or a goal of achieving a specific sales figure, will require determination.

In a recent article, James Clear talks about the Goldilocks Rule. The basic idea behind that Goldilocks rule states that people can only be motivated by a task that is at an absolute degree of difficulty. 6. Clear says that when something is too simple and easy, you will eventually become bored. Also, if you are aiming for something too simple and easy, your motivation will wane because you’re truthful, not motivated enough.

If you think, however, it’s too challenging (impossible even), the result is that you’re discouraged, thinking that no matter what you try, you’ll never be able to accomplish it. Imagine playing chess at the amateur level against Grandmasters. Losing repeatedly time is likely to end up with you eventually in defeat.

Clear Arguments” the “Goldilocks” zone for an objective is the one that is difficult and pushes you to the limit of your abilities, but possible. It’s where people are most focused and remain committed to the actions required to reach their goals. That’s why Why is it important to set realistic goals?

Keep in mind that the next time you establish your goals must be difficult, but not impossible.

Why is it important to set realistic goals?

7. Goal Setting Can Change Your Life

Why is it important to set realistic goals? Therefore, we know that having realistic goals and micro goals allows us to remain motivated as we move towards bigger goals. In the end, this is what can bring the potential to transform your life.

In my adulthood, I’ve set goals in a variety of fields. I began with a goal for income (which I broke down into small-scale goals) as I entered my 20s. Whenever I met one of the micro-goals, I would beg myself to reward myself with an experience (a trip to a place, usually). I’m not quite at the end of my target yet, so this process continues.

I’ve set fitness goals based on the weight in the last few months. I’m getting there by setting real-world micro-goals. These small, realistic goals are cumulative. For me, they’ll add up to being healthy and financially comfortable–life-changing things.

It could be unique to you. However, I am committed to setting goals that can change your life by breaking them into smaller, more achievable goals and then achieving them. I hope you will like this article “Why is it important to set realistic goals?” most. Share this article.

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