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Why Is Life So Complicated For You? 5 Reasons

Why Is Life So Complicated For You? This is a very common question. In this article i will tell you five reasons which will help you to know about your life. “Being simple is the most complicated thing nowadays.” R.P.

The world we live in is a constantly changing society, and disruption is a fact.

Our lives were thrown upside down by a global pandemic. We were in no way in control over the situation, and the power of choices was removed. To survive, we needed to abide by the rules and regulations that the government imposed to eradicate a disease that could endanger the society we have as we recognize it.

It was difficult for me to adjust to an existence without social interaction with people other than my circle of friends. I quickly realised that to survive living under COVID-19 rules and regulations, I had to make my life as simple as possible. The more complicated my daily life, the more frantic and nervous I became. It was no easy job, and each day I was required to conquer the biggest hurdle ever that was my mind.

If you’re experiencing the feeling that your life is a mess, Here are five reasons why this is occurring to you. The positive thing is that if we can eliminate these five issues and overcome them, we stand an increased chance of having a simple life.

Why Is Life So Complicated For You? 5 Reasons

1. Focusing on the Complexity of Life

if you want to know why is life so complicated then you should never focus on complexity of life. If you asked Confucius what he thought of life’s complexity and he would reply, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

The most challenging and stressful thing I observed during the lockdown at Level 4 was shopping for the week. The adjustment to a different way of shopping that required you to wait in long lines to access the supermarket while keeping a two-meter gap between inside and outside the store was exhausting.

One person from each household was permitted to visit the supermarket. This was given to me. I started to worry about every week’s excursion and put in a lot of effort to control my anxiety. I realized that if I continue to believe that the task of shopping was difficult and complex, Then you know what? It was.

It’s easy to view things as complex when it requires us to alter our lives importantly, but it’s important to start by understanding the change from a more positive or less complicated perspective. What lessons will this shift provide you with? Do you have the ability to incorporate it into your daily routine without too many disruptions? Try making it as simple as you can.

The Complexity Bias

The bias towards complexity is the main reason humans are inclined to complicate our lives rather than simplify things. If we’re confronted with a great deal of information or in an uneasy state about something, we naturally focus on the complexity problem instead of looking for an easy solution. In a recent piece, the author describes when “we tend to simplify and focus too much on the complicated 10% while ignoring the simpler 90.

If you’re facing an issue that is confusing and overwhelming, Try to find strategies or solutions that are easy. Think about this question What if I choose to take the easy, simple strategy? What is the result? Perhaps more confusion, or perhaps the solution? I’m sure you’re aware of the solution is! Therefore focusing on complexity of life is the reason of your question why is life so complicated?

2. Being Constantly Worrying

why is life so complicated? Humans are emotional creatures. If we’re anxious, angry or sad, our thoughts and feelings can profoundly impact our behavior and how we react. Behave. This reason you should understand to know why is life so complicated?

Continuously worrying about your troubles and what’s to come shortly could make you exhausted and cause emotional and physical distress within your daily life. The more you think about it, how complicated life appears.

Being constantly worrying is the one of the main reason of why is life so complicated ? Finding positive outcomes or the most effective solution when faced with a difficult circumstance isn’t something that comes easily for us. It takes a lot of work and continual effort to overcome the obstacles and challenges that life throws your way.

Many methods can help ease your anxiety and alleviate anxiety. Try these suggestions to find which one works best for you.

why is life so complicated? can be solve by following on these techniques.

  • Exercises to breathe
  • Meditation
  • Cardio exercises
  • Journaling
  • Yoga
  • Music listening
  • Chatting with friends

3. Trying to Control Everything in Life

why is life so complicated? It is a complicated world, and it’s difficult to find solutions to the issues that we face in our lives. Everyone is afraid of things, be it the fear of failing or losing our life or losing a loved one. Struggling to control your life is a way to put aside your fears so that you do not have to confront them. why is life so complicated is the question which you will never solve if you will try to control everything in life.

If you’re making choices regarding the direction of your life from a state that is not in control, then you have to put it down. The desire to control your life can indicate that you’re living your life with anxiety. It is time to let go of your anxieties and accept that aspects of life are beyond your control.

When you realize that life is about navigating through it rather than directing it, you’ll find that your perspective towards life will be more positive and less complex.

4. Basing Your Happiness on Others’ Happiness

why is life so complicated ? Your life will continue to be hard and complicated when you base your happiness on the other persons in your world. Your happiness doesn’t depend on others but results from your own. 

If you are dependent on the happiness of another person for your daily life, in time, the stresses of life will take over, and you’ll feel lost in yourself. You’ll find that you are constantly striving to please others and making sure they are satisfied. This can be exhausting and can be detrimental to your health. This reasons you should know to understand why is life so complicated?

It is time to breathe, take a look around, and then decide. Do you want to live your life of valuing and believing in yourself as you are worthy, or do you prefer to live your existence on other people’s success? I’m sure of what I’d pick..

Why Is Life So Complicated For You

5. Feeding Into the Drama of Life

why is life so complicated ? When you participate in other people’s drama, you create more problems for yourself than it should be. Being a victim of drama and having people you dislike in your life can be one of the reasons you live an emotionally exhausting and difficult life.

Certain kinds live their lives by enduring drama and disaster. They respond to challenges with an unproductive method. Beware of them. If they approach you in a tense manner, be calm and allow yourself some time to figure out the best way to handle the situation and avoid getting caught in the trap of absorbing your negative emotions.

It’s not something that happens overnight; however, when you put in the effort to improve your self-acceptance and self-confidence, the more confident and courageous you’ll become. With this determination, you’ll be able to step up and get rid of negative drama out of your life. After you’ve accomplished this, then your life will become simpler and easier to manage life’s difficulties.

I hope this article “Why Is Life So Complicated For You? 5 Reasons” will help you most.

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