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Protect Yourself From the New Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug

Do you exited to know How to Protect Yourself From the New Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug? Then this article is for you. The process of updating your system can be an invitation to new vulnerabilities in your Windows. In Windows 10 and 11, users were unsure of how to safeguard their systems. This article will inform you how to protect your system from the latest security issues.

A new security flaw took over most recent Windows updates. It is a major security flaw in the most recent versions of Windows that hackers could exploit to launch applications remotely, steal data and passwords, and block users from their PCs. Microsoft declares that all versions of Windows older than Windows 10 adaptation 1809 are affected, including Windows 11 beta. Windows 11 beta. In this post, we’ll inform you about how to safeguard your system from Windows 10 and 11 security issues.

Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug: Microsoft Windows Elevation Of Privilege Vulnerability A Microsoft bug that has since been remediated on the 20th of July, 2021, claims that ACLs (also known as Access Control lists have been extremely revealing. The Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug hasn’t yet been able to take over. However, Microsoft’s report does warn against the possibility of it.

To hack or take data, the hacker should be able to access your computer or deceive users into installing a malicious malware-laden program to access your system’s files. Suppose the attacker can successfully access your system. In that case, it may be an easy task to download, access and delete data, or even alter it or, in the worst scenario, they could even have access rights to users.

How to protect your PC from  Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug

Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug: Microsoft is expected to address the issue with future security updates for Windows 10 and 11 security bugs, but customers need to be aware until this point. Use an eye for security, like avoiding using new email interfaces or downloading files from a website that is not trustworthy, as well as using trusted enemies of malware-related programs.

The main issue that has affected Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug that affected AMD Ryzen processors, which caused delays in execution until the latest updates came out. It is essential to be aware of how to block access by foreigners to sensitive files to attack the PC. It is important to note that it’s not a one-time solution but rather an interim solution.

However, it is worth whether you require total protection against security breaches that could occur. Take the steps below with the greatest care to guard against any unjustified security bugs-driven attacks.

  • Access to System Folder is restricted to only the System Folder.
  • Use these guidelines to limit access only to the “% windir% system32 config” System folder.
  • In the Taskbar, search for “PowerShell” (Note: You could also use these methods using Command Prompt.)
  • Choose “Windows PowerShell” from the results and hit “Run as Administrator.”
  • In PowerShell in PowerShell, type the command:
  • icacls %windir%system32 config*. */inheritance:e
  • Select “Enter”
  • The next step is that you must erase the Systems restore points. Be sure to do this as the next step after limiting access to the “% windir% system32 config” System folder
  • Erasing System Restore Points
  • To erase the System restoration points, you must follow these steps:
  • First, click “My PC” from Windows File Explorer and then click “Properties.”
  • Choose “System Protection” from the left menu.
  • Click here to add your local hard drive within the “Accessible drives” list, and at that point, you can click “Configure.”
  • Select “Clear/Delete,” then, at this moment, “Proceed/Confirm” to affirm.

Once the old reserves have been removed, then you can create another system restore point. If you need to, go back to the System Protection tab, feature your drive, and click “Create” afterward. After that, you can add a picture of the recovery date and time (like dates and times). Then, select “Okay” to confirm your actions.

I hope you will solve Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug by following my article. 


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