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Feature Worth Knowing About in Google Chrome 93

The Google Chrome 93 feature new Web App for desktops and mobile devices, as well as interface options for Android as well as a plethora of secure settings, make up this month’s Google Chrome 93 update.

Google Chrome 93 has been released for both desktops as well as Android. The monthly updates could be a mix of improvements, features, and tweaks for developers; however, version 93 comes with a variety of improvements that users should be aware of also, including improvements for Google Chrome 93 Web Apps on desktop and mobile, improvements to the Android app’s interface, useful cross-device security features and much more.

We’ll cover each of the new features below; however, if you’d like to download this Chrome 93 update right now, Here’s how (the identical steps apply to Android as well as on desktops):

  • Click or tap the three dots menu on the upper-right side in the window of your browser.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu > General Google Chrome to see if the update is available to download.
  • Check if the update is completed, then close and restart your browser.
  • There is another option to download the most current version on Google’s Google Chrome download page. Then, let’s talk about What’s New…

Desktop: Web applications can be launched from URL links and are compatible with multiscreen devices.

Google Chrome 93 features: Two new Web App for desktop users

In the beginning, opening web-based applications through URL links was effortless. When this feature is turned on, clicking on a link within Chrome will start the web app when installed on your phone.

If, for instance, you have installed an application like the YouTube PWA with Chrome, clicking the YouTube link will display the video in the PWA instead of opening and opening a new tab in Chrome.

This isn’t the case for all web apps, as it is up to developers to implement the functionality themselves, but it’s an excellent modification for applications that allow it. It’s not enabled by default and can be enabled by changing the Chrome experimental flags menu settings.

  • Open Chrome and head to chrome://flags/#enable-desktop-pwas-url-handling
  • Choose “Enabled” from the dropdown menu.
  • Restart Chrome whenever you are asked to do so.

Multi-Window And Multiscreen Support

Another new feature is multi-window and multiscreen support for web-based apps. This feature is also a requirement for the development of a developer. However, Google believes it will be beneficial for a variety of web apps, which includes:

Multi-window graphics editors like Gimp allow you to place a variety of editing tools within precisely-placed windows.

Virtual trading desks show market trends across multiple windows, all of which can be seen in full-screen mode.

Slideshow applications can display speakers’ notes on the main screen and the projection on an external projector.

The apps are now able to open multiple windows at once on one or more displays. This is an enormous improvement for users who use multiple displays.

Google Chrome 93 feature: Cross-device Two-Factor SMS syncing

Since Google Chrome 93 will now automatically detect and send SMS login codes for two-factor authentication if you’re signed to the same Google Account on multiple devices–for websites that allow it, at the very least. This feature requires developers to implement also, but more sites and services may support Two-factor syncing shortly. In the meantime, you can check out the way it works using this mock-up of a test site Google made.

Android The New Google Search User Interface as well as the Material You Support for Android 12

Chrome 93 also brings some UI modifications for Google’s Chrome Android app

First, the recently revamped Continuous Results Feed for Google Search results has been enhanced. The updated design was first introduced in Android early when it was Chrome 91 as an experimental test. It allows you to navigate between pages using the scrolling bar at the top of the browser window. The bar continuously scrolls through search results, making it possible to switch between pages very quickly.

According to reports, Google Chrome 93 makes cards easier to read and more responsive than the initial version. The Google search result bar requires you to go through the menu of experimental flags but:

  • In the Chrome Android app, go to chrome://flags#continuous-search
  • You can enable the setting via the menu dropdown.
  • Restart the app if you are asked to do so.
  • After the app has restarted after rebooting, you can make Google Search. Google Search.
  • Choose a website from the results. The new search bar will be displayed on the right side of the results.

Google chrome 93

Google Chrome 93 feature: Adds support for Android 12

Material You interface to Chrome mobile, although it’s an untested feature.

The Material You feature will alter the user interface of the applications that support Android 12 apps to match your phone’s background. It will likely become an option for every Android 12 device for Chrome once the new OS update is released in the next few days. At present, you’ll need to install the Android 12 beta. Then, you can enable this feature in Google’s experimental flags.

  • Open the Chrome app and go to chrome://flags# dynamic-colour-android
  • Choose “Enabled” from the dropdown menu.
  • Reboot the application to activate the modifications.
  • Click on either URL information card located near the bottom of the feed to launch the page. Scroll left or right to view additional options.

These are the main changes for users of all ages included in Google Chrome 93; however, there’s plenty to look over for developers. You can learn more about everything in the release notes for the update.

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